July 6, 2017 podcastninja

Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Start a Podcast in 2017

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So many people are underestimating the culture shift we are about to go through and how it can grow their business.

The Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast averages a gross income of $223,287 per month.  Their revenue model is generated from selling products, services, affiliate marketing, and donations.

If you can get attention through podcasting, it will give you the leverage to communicate anything you want.

Here are the five most important reasons why your business needs to start a podcast:


1. Less Competition


For every podcast, there are 100,000 blogs and 10,000 YouTube videos. It’s a lot harder to be the top blogger in your field than it is to become the top podcaster.

The year-over-year growth rates of podcast listeners have been remarkably consistent, with 10 to 20% increases each year. Differentiate yourself from the competition by acting now for your success tomorrow.


2. Authentic Engagement


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Your show will allow you to be your truest most genuine self. This is an avenue for you to build an authentic relationship and connect with your listeners from all around the world. Leads will be easier to convert when you built trust first.


3. Build Authority


The more quality content you create, the more of an expert you will look like in your field. Consistently provide massive value, give away your best information and then offer your solutions.


4. Networking


Your show is a networking opportunity. Start with new guests by utilizing your existing network and use email or social media to reach out to individuals you admire. Ask previous guests to suggest somebody who’d be a good fit for the show.


5. Marketing & Search Engine Optimization


3 Reasons Your Business Needs Podcast. Marketing/Search Engine Optimization, SEO

A great manager produces high-quality content. They should not be doing their copywriting, SEO, or other time-consuming tasks.

The best managers share their message and let the admins do the post production work. Leave the web development to the podcast producers who are experts in this field.


What types of businesses benefit from podcast services?

Our clients at Podcast Ninja include investors, doctors, dentists, entrepreneurs, health experts, and more.

If your goals are to grow a larger audience to sell to, position yourself as an expert to your community, and bring traffic to your website a podcast is right for you.

Use podcasting as a way to achieve your company’s goals.

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