June 12, 2017 podcastninja

Top Podcast Directories and Apps of 2018

iTunes provides about 80% of the downloads so work your way down the list but it’s worth the time to make sure your show is posted to them all.

Most of the podcasts we produce are hosted with Libsyn.com. [More info below]


    1. iTunes – If you are new, create an Apple ID here.
    2. Stitcher – Scroll down & fill in the “Contact Information” section.
    3. Tunein – Fill out the info under Submit Your Podcast.
    4. Google Play – Verify email & click Publish> Add A Podcast> Submit RSS Feed.
    5. Spotify – Fill out Google doc Interest Form
    6. Soundcloud – Add login info through Libsyn (If you are not hosting with Libsyn, create an account & post manually).
    7. YouTube – Add login info through Libsyn (If you are not hosting with Libsyn, create an account & post manually).
    8. iHeartRadio –  Add login info through Libsyn after your show is live for 2 months.
    9. Pocket Casts – Enter your podcast feed URL.
    10. Double Twist – Select “Request new podcast” & fill out the form.
    11. Player.FM – Search for your RSS feed URL or iTunes URL in the search bar above.
    12. Pod Kicker – Search for your show.
    13. Podbean – Create an account and submit your podcast.
    14. Podcast Addict
    15. Overcast
    16. CastBox

Not sure who to host with?

Check out Dave Jackson’s Podcast Media Hosting Platform Breakdown


PN6 Full Notes Notes 


Submitting your podcast internationally?

Some website directories are blocked in certain countries ie Google Play. You must post your show on a secured server. In case you don’t have a VPN, download Witopia and it may be useful in the future.

Why else would you need a personal VPN?

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