25/09/2017 podcastninja

PN10: Todd Cochrane – Podcast Advertising and Analyzing Statistics

Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Rawvoice/ Blubrry and the host of Geek News Central Podcast. He is the founder of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and wrote the first book on podcasting. During the episode, Todd will explain how your downloads are calculated, what stats you should analyze, and how to adjust to the demographic of your listeners. Learn ways a small niche show can find podcast advertising deals and even get started with affiliate commissions. Listen to the end for ways you can strategically pitch advertisements during your show.

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Time Stamps:

  • Starting Rawvoice and Blubrry partnership – 01:22
  • Importance of tracking statistics accurately – 04:16
  • Downloads on shared IP addresses – 08:24
  • The global standard for calculating statistics – 11:25
  • What stats should you analyze? – 15:28
  • Android vs. Apple listeners – 19:35
  • Increasing your downloads – 23:49
  • When should you set up an ad deal? – 29:13
  • How small niche shows find podcast advertising deals – 34:37
  • Getting started with affiliate commissions – 43:36
  • Strategically pitching advertisements during the show – 47:25


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