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PN11: How Drew Ackerman Built a Top Ranked Podcast with 50M+ Downloads

Drew Ackerman is the host of Sleep With Me Podcast. During the episode, Drew will share how he turned his passion into a successful podcast that reaches millions around the world. Learn how you can grow your audience, engage with your listeners, and profitably monetize your show. Listen to the end to find out how to get friends, family, and strangers to tune in.

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Time Stamps:

What inspired Drew Ackerman to start his podcast – 02:13

Podcast episode preparation – 04:23

Was the show popular at first? – 05:40

Marketing and sharing the podcast – 07:03

Engaging with your audience – 09:39

How long does it take to create one episode? – 11:33

Dealing with negative feedback – 13:21

Overcoming the fear to launch your podcast – 16:59

Becoming a full-time podcaster – 19:39

Finding sponsorships and affiliates for your podcast – 22:17

Patreon support & growth  – 24:59

Long-term revenue earning strategy – 26:59

Selecting your niche and competition – 30:33

Are your thinking about stopping your podcast? – 33:12

Getting your family and friends to listen to your show – 35:53

Advertising your podcast to strangers – 38:05


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