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PN12: Garrett Petersen on Zencastr, Cast, Ringr & Piezo Double Enders

Garrett Petersen is the host of Economics Detective Radio and a Ph.D. candidate in the economics department at Simon Fraser University. During the episode, Garrett will compare double ender’s like Zencastr, Cast, and Ringr so you can better record your interviews remotely with confidence. You’ll learn about some core features and packages of each and which he chose and why. I will also share my experience using Piezo and Zencastr.

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Garrett’s Podcasting Gear:


My Podcasting Gear:


Time Stamps:

02:25 – Criteria to choose with a double ender

04:38 – Zecastr Beta

05:55 – Cast features and packages

07:43 – Zencaster packages

08:22 – Cost of Ringr and mobile compatibility

11:22 – Mac or PC compatible software

12:03 – Why I love the Piezo software

13:07 – Uploading to the cloud

14:22 – Zencastr recording issues

15:06 – Conference calling

16:31 – Is local recording the best option


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