23/10/2017 podcastninja

PN13: Jonathan Oakes – Build an Engaged Podcast Audience and Profitable Patreon

Jonathan Oakes is the host of Trivial Warfare. During the show, you’ll learn how to build a massively engaged community that will support your hard work on Patreon. Gain insight into key marketing technique and long-term revenue strategy. Listen to the very end if you want to learn how to find pub quiz trivia games in your local area.

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Time Stamps:

01:31 – Recording longer episodes

02:37 – Show preparation and questions

04:39 – How Trivial Warfare started

10:52 – Building an engaging community

21:51 – Marketing & promoting your show

31:13 – Starting an LLC business venture

34:37 – Monetizing your podcast with Patreon

38:52 – TWA t-shirt promotion

39:30 – Advertising and sponsorships

41:38 – Libsyn’s stats & download adjustment

43:47 – Running a proper ad

45:39 – Long-term revenue strategy with Patreon

51:51 – Local pub quiz games

57:13 – Find the pub quiz games in your local area

1:04:10 – Live shows, editing, and production

1:06:42 – Is the work worth the effect?


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