29/11/2017 podcastninja

PN15: Todd Nevins – Austin Podcast Community + FREE Podcast Studio in ATX

Todd Nevins is the host of The Go Hunt Life Podcast. During the show, Todd will talk about the FREE podcast studio in Austin Texas that is bringing the podcast community together. He’ll talk about his journey through the podcast game and what lessons he has learned. You’ll find out what equipment is used and how to book your studio time. Listen to the end to gain insight around the methods Todd uses to monetize his podcast.

Discussed Links:


Todd’s Podcasting Gear:



My Podcasting Gear:


Time Stamps:

02:10 – Austin Texas community

07:28 – Connecting to other local groups

10:31 – Podcasting seminar

12:51 – Podcast production course

15:46 – Lewis Howes Podcast Course

16:50 – Starting a podcast

19:26 – Making changes to your podcast

22:13 – Podcast equipment

23:53 – Austin’s FREE Podcast Studio

31:54 – Is it too busy to schedule time?


33:40 – Local studio competition

34:59 – How long will the promotion last?

36:13 – Pulling the ripcord from Austin Texas

39:17 – How Todd earns money online

44:26 – Monetizing the podcast

47:22 – Travel podcasting equipment and scheduling interviews


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