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PN16: Jason Cabassi – How to Start or Join a Podcast Network

Jason Cabassi is the host of The Walking Dead ‘Cast. During the show, Jason will provide the framework you need to start your own podcast network. You’ll learn what you must look for when joining another podcast network. Listen to the end to find out how Podcastica’s shows grow audience and get paid.

The main value in a network is just cross promoting. So, in every episode of Podcastica shows we say go to Podcastica.com and check out our other shows. @jasonandkaren Click To Tweet

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Time Stamps:

01:52 – Zombie Sounds
03:24 – Making your TV inspired podcast stand out
04:54 – What to do during the offseason of the show?
06:26 – Should you join or start a podcast network?
08:55 – Creating a theme and website
10:11 – The purpose of a podcast network
11:24 – Community engagement
12:20 – Scouting for creative talent
14:13 – Restricting the content
17:26 – Podcast network rules
19:11 – Sponsorships, Patreon & monetization techniques
25:07 – Reading sponsorship ads and being authentic
27:11 – How to get on Podcastica
28:18 – Starting a podcast network
30:57 – Knowing when to end a podcast
32:19 – Building followers and growing listeners


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