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PN4: Elsie Escobar – Podcast Pre-Launch Strategy & Development

Elsie Escobar is the host of Elsie’s Yoga Class, co-host of The Feed and She Podcasts. She’s a voice actor and Social Media Community Manager over at Libsyn. During the show, Elsie will reveal a simple but effective podcast strategy and development plan that will help make the pre-launch process less stressful. You’ll learn the first step to launching your podcast and how to find your voice in the podcast space. Listen to the end to avoid the main reason why most people don’t ever launch their podcast.

Discussed Links:

Elsie’s Podcasting Gear:


My Podcasting Gear:



Time Stamps:

01:10 – How Elsie got into podcasting

04:03 – Getting 4 million downloads with Elsie’s Yoga Class

08:10 – The Official Libsyn Podcast

10:06 – Women Podcasts

14:01 – The first step to launching a podcast

18:26 – Titles and logos

22:10 – Having a future vision

24:28 – Defining your perfect listener

29:09 – Do you keep pushing back your launch date?

31:39 – Finding your voice in the podcast space

35:09 – Why most people don’t launch

36:07 – Elise podcasting equipment


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