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PN5: Suzanne Nguyen – Interview Influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Hugh Forrest & Jeremy Gardner

Suzanne Nguyen aka “String Story” is the international correspondent for That Startup Show and the host of The String Report. During the show, String will share how to get high-quality guests on your show and improve your interviews skills. You’ll find out how to build a massive rapport with guests and interview influencers in an entertaining and impactful way. Listen to the end to learn about her research and preparation process.

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Time Stamps:

01:54 – How String got into the podcasting space

08:24 – Reaching out to big-name tech leaders

11:45 – Preparing for the interview

12:17 – The Hugh Forrest interview

14:17 – Answering controversial questions

16:42 – Great interview podcasting equipment

18:04 – The icebreaker process

21:47 – Are you struggling to get high-quality guests?

25:07 – Doing research on guests

26:47 – More interview skill tips


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