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PN6: Dave Jackson – Podcast Media Hosting Platform Breakdown

Dave Jackson is the host of The School of Podcasting and much more that we’ll discuss during the show. He has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts and is one of the top podcast consultants in the game. During the show, Dave will help you choose a media hosting platform while explaining exactly what to look for and most importantly, what to avoid. Find out if you should self-host, own your RSS feed, or use SoundCloud. Listen to the end to figure out how much it will cost for the monthly plan that fits your show best.

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Time Stamps:

01:36 – How Dave got into podcasting

05:44 – What is a media hosting platform?

07:09 – Should self-host/ use your web host?

10:33 – Important Criteria when choosing a media host

12:06 – Media host options

12:23 – Podbean

13:45 – Spreaker

15:04 – Blubrry vs Libsyn plugins

15:50 – Blubrry unique feature

16:06 – Libsyn unique features

17:39 – In-depth stats

18:32 – Should you own your RSS feed?

24:55 – Is Sound cloud still a good option?

27:54 – Price plans, storage space, and file size

31:10 – Price plan breakdown

32:06 – Player interface comparison

33:30 – Media Hosting summary wrap-up

34:13 – Final test when choosing a host


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