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PN8: Scott Ertz – Podcast Sponsorships, Affiliate Programs & Partnerships

Scott Ertz is the President of PLuGHiTz Corporation. He’s a tech journalist, software engineer, entrepreneur and host of many shows. During the show, Scott explains how to monetize your podcast through affiliate programs and sponsorships with companies like Monster, Microsoft, and Amazon Associates. You’ll learn how partnerships and affiliates actually work and the best way to choose your sponsor. Listen to the end for the biggest contributor to have 10 years of podcasting success.

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Time Stamps:

01:25 – Plug HiTz Corp Podcast lineup

06:26 – Coolest tech products of all time

08:56 – Starting a podcast network

10:15 – Monetizing an affiliate sponsorship with Monster products

11:55 – How to start a partnership/ sponsorship

13:15 – Microsoft partnership/ sponsorship

13:39 – How do affiliate sponsorships and affiliates actually work?

15:36 – Accurate stats with Blubrry

16:16 – Hosting through Microsoft and Tech Podcast Network

16:37 – Product reviews

18:54 – Choosing partnerships and sponsorship

22:35 – Amazon Affiliates

24:43 – Covering events in the U.S.

28:26 – Working long hours

29:03 – CES show breakdown

29:45 – Live floor interview mic setup

31:09 – Audio Technica BPHS1

32:42 – Scotts Podcast mic

34:56 – How to have 10 years of podcasting success


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