19/09/2017 podcastninja

PN9: Daniel J. Lewis – Master Podcast Editing and Increase Audience Engagement

Daniel J Lewis is the host of The Audacity to Podcast and #1 unofficial podcast for ABC’s hit drama Once Upon a Time. During the episode, Daniel will share the key podcast editing tips and tricks to get you the best audio quality possible. You’ll learn how to edit faster and avoid the common mistakes that other podcasters make. Listen to the end for ways to improve your listeners engagement and get people to share your podcast. 

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Time Stamps:

01:43 – How Daniel got into podcasting

04:39 – Podcast editing with Audacity and Adobe Audition

07:09 – Looking back on over 300 episodes

09:08 – How to get the best audio quality

11:06 – Main aspects of a clean production

13:19 – Levelator vs Auphonic

14:15 – Podcast editing Tips and tricks

19:54 – How long should it take to edit?

21:05 – Common mistakes that podcasters make

22:41 – Getting listeners to share your podcast


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