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PN17: John Lee Dumas on Making $200k a Month from Podcasting

John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire. During the show, John will share how he generates over $200,000 a month from his podcast. He’ll talk about podcast monetization strategy, audience engagement, and the most important lesson learned. Find out what it takes to have one of the top-ranked podcast.

I had a company reach out to me about 6 months in called The Midroll. So I went from zero to over 5 figures a month in sponsorship revenue from that one conversation @johnleedumas Click To Tweet

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Time Stamps:

  • 02:12 – Why JLD invested over $10k into launching his podcast
  • 03:11 – Is running a successful podcast overwhelming?
  • 03:43 – How to get sponsorships early
  • 06:18 – Getting downloads in the first 3 months
  • 06:56 – Paid advertisements and marketing dollars
  • 07:37 – Biggest lesson learned
  • 09:12 – The best way to monetize your show
  • 12:36 – How to get others to share your episodes
  • 15:45 – Listen to this before you cancel your Podcast


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