05/05/2018 podcastninja

Setup and Record Your Podcast in 2 Minutes

Poor audio quality can detract listeners from the message that you’re trying to deliver with your podcast. It’s important to get great-sounding audio 100% of the time.

Here is how to set up your own quality podcast studio at home while easily taking it with you to travel.

If you want to start with the minimum, use a pair of earbuds. The ones that come with your smartphone are fine.

Step it up by grabbing yourself an ATR2100 USB microphone. You can travel with this and set it up in 10 seconds for your solo recordings or remote interviews. You’ll also have the option to use the XLR connection down the line if you decide to upgrade.

My ultimate recommendation is to use is the Shure SM58 and ATR2100 hooked up to the Scarlet 2i2 Audio Interface via XLR cables. The SM58 just handles better and is nearly indestructible. Most importantly, this combination will allow you to record live in-person interviews.

Once you connect everything to your computer, download/open Audacity to record your live interviews or solo podcast.

Podcasting Kit:

Want to Record Your Remote Interviews in Studio Quality?