02/06/2018 podcastninja

Record Your Remote Podcast Interviews in Studio Quality

This system is one of the easiest ways to record a guest’s audio when interviewing remotely. It will deliver great quality audio every time with rock-solid performance.

Before you do anything, plug your mic into your computer and check your system preferences to make sure the “sound input” is correctly selected to the mic that you are using.

Once your mic is plugged in you can open download/open Piezo for Mac. Type the episode name and hit the record button. If you have windows you can use Zencastr.

Once you are recording you have to make a call so, open up SkypeZoom, or FaceTime and call your guest. Politely ask them to always wear earbuds, never use the built-in mic/speakers.

When you are done with your recording end the call and send it over to your podcast producer to polish and perfect it.

If you really want the best audio you can ask your guest to record on their end yet it seems like too much work for your guests. Although that is what I did for Season 1 of Podcast Ninja.

Want more on recording remotely? Check out my interview with Garrett Petersen on Zencastr, Cast, Ringr & Piezo Double Enders.


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