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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

So many people are underestimating the podcast culture shift we are going through and how it can grow their business.

There are an enormous about of podcasters who make a living from their show. Their revenue model is generated from selling products, services, affiliate marketing, and donations.

If you can get attention through podcasting, it will give you the leverage to communicate anything you want. This is why your business needs a podcast: Read more

PN17: John Lee Dumas on Making $200k a Month from Podcasting

John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire. During the show, John will share how he generates over $200,000 a month from his podcast. He’ll talk about podcast monetization strategy, audience engagement, and the most important lesson learned. Find out what it takes to have one of the top-ranked podcast. Read more

PN15: Todd Nevins – Austin Podcast Community + FREE Podcast Studio in ATX

Todd Nevins is the host of The Go Hunt Life Podcast. During the show, Todd will talk about the FREE podcast studio in Austin Texas that is bringing the podcast community together. He’ll talk about his journey through the podcast game and what lessons he has learned. You’ll find out what equipment is used and how to book your studio time. Listen to the end to gain insight around the methods Todd uses to monetize his podcast.

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PN14: Shawn Henninger – Podcast Co-Host Tips, Bromance, and Stranger Things

Shawn Henninger is the cohost of the Language of Bromance and Strange Indeed. During the show, Shawn will share his experience as a cohost of over 150 episodes for the past three years. You’ll learn how he prepares for a show, schedules interviews, and splits the workload. Listen to the end to find out about his new show commentary of the Netflix original Stranger Things.

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PN13: Jonathan Oakes – Build an Engaged Podcast Audience and Profitable Patreon

Jonathan Oakes is the host of Trivial Warfare. During the show, you’ll learn how to build a massively engaged community that will support your hard work on Patreon. Gain insight into key marketing technique and long-term revenue strategy. Listen to the very end if you want to learn how to find pub quiz trivia games in your local area. Read more

PN12: Garrett Petersen on Zencastr, Cast, Ringr & Piezo Double Enders

Garrett Petersen is the host of Economics Detective Radio and a Ph.D. candidate in the economics department at Simon Fraser University. During the episode, Garrett will compare double ender’s like Zencastr, Cast, and Ringr so you can better record your interviews remotely with confidence. You’ll learn about some core features and packages of each and which he chose and why. I will also share my experience using Piezo and Zencastr.

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PN11: How Drew Ackerman Built a Top Ranked Podcast with 50M+ Downloads

Drew Ackerman is the host of Sleep With Me Podcast. During the episode, Drew will share how he turned his passion into a successful podcast that reaches millions around the world. Learn how you can grow your audience, engage with your listeners, and profitably monetize your show. Listen to the end to find out how to get friends, family, and strangers to tune in.

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PN10: Todd Cochrane – Podcast Advertising and Analyzing Statistics

Todd Cochrane is the CEO of Rawvoice/ Blubrry and the host of Geek News Central Podcast. He is the founder of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and wrote the first book on podcasting. During the episode, Todd will explain how your downloads are calculated, what stats you should analyze, and how to adjust to the demographic of your listeners. Learn ways a small niche show can find podcast advertising deals and even get started with affiliate commissions. Listen to the end for ways you can strategically pitch advertisements during your show. Read more

PN9: Daniel J. Lewis – Master Podcast Editing and Increase Audience Engagement

Daniel J Lewis is the host of The Audacity to Podcast and #1 unofficial podcast for ABC’s hit drama Once Upon a Time. During the episode, Daniel will share the key podcast editing tips and tricks to get you the best audio quality possible. You’ll learn how to edit faster and avoid the common mistakes that other podcasters make. Listen to the end for ways to improve your listeners engagement and get people to share your podcast. 

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PN8: Scott Ertz – Podcast Sponsorships, Affiliate Programs & Partnerships

Scott Ertz is the President of PLuGHiTz Corporation. He’s a tech journalist, software engineer, entrepreneur and host of many shows. During the show, Scott explains how to monetize your podcast through affiliate programs and sponsorships with companies like Monster, Microsoft, and Amazon Associates. You’ll learn how partnerships and affiliates actually work and the best way to choose your sponsor. Listen to the end for the biggest contributor to have 10 years of podcasting success. Read more

PN7: Kerry Lutz – Build A Massive Audience and Earn 6 Figures From Your Podcast

Kerry Lutz is the host of The Financial Survival Network and Viral Podcasting. He has also teamed up with Valerie Geller, a top radio consultant, to write Viral Podcasting. During the show, you’ll learn how to grow your audience and earn an income from your show. Find out how to get more downloads, drive traffic to your website, and create a unique and shareable interview. Listen to the end to learn where the real money lies beyond advertisements, affiliates, and sponsorships.

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PN6: Dave Jackson – Podcast Media Hosting Platform Breakdown

Dave Jackson is the host of The School of Podcasting and much more that we’ll discuss during the show. He has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts and is one of the top podcast consultants in the game. During the show, Dave will help you choose a media hosting platform while explaining exactly what to look for and most importantly, what to avoid. Find out if you should self-host, own your RSS feed, or use SoundCloud. Listen to the end to figure out how much it will cost for the monthly plan that fits your show best. Read more

PN5: Suzanne Nguyen – Interview Influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Hugh Forrest & Jeremy Gardner

Suzanne Nguyen aka “String Story” is the international correspondent for That Startup Show and the host of The String Report. During the show, String will share how to get high-quality guests on your show and improve your interviews skills. You’ll find out how to build a massive rapport with guests and interview influencers in an entertaining and impactful way. Listen to the end to learn about her research and preparation process. Read more

PN4: Elsie Escobar – Podcast Pre-Launch Strategy & Development

Elsie Escobar is the host of Elsie’s Yoga Class, co-host of The Feed and She Podcasts. She’s a voice actor and Social Media Community Manager over at Libsyn. During the show, Elsie will reveal a simple but effective podcast strategy and development plan that will help make the pre-launch process less stressful. You’ll learn the first step to launching your podcast and how to find your voice in the podcast space. Listen to the end to avoid the main reason why most people don’t ever launch their podcast. Read more

PN3: Bandrew Scott – Improve Podcast Audio Quality and Solo Podcast Personality

Bandrew Scott is the host of The Bandrew Says Podcast, founder of Geeksrising.com and runs the successful YouTube channel Podcastage. During the show, Bandrew will give you a ton great ways to improve podcast audio quality. Learn how to develop your solo podcast personality and stand out from the rest of other podcasters. Listen to the end to find out what you need to know before the next time you hit record. Read more

PN2: Rob Walch – Improve Your iTunes Ranking, SEO, and Drive Traffic to Your Podcast

Rob Walch is the host of Today in iOS, The Feed: Libsyn and Podcast 411. He is the VP of Podcasters Relations at Libsyn and the author of the book “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters”. During the show, you’ll learn how to improve iTunes Search Optimation, SEO, and how to drive traffic to your podcast. Find out ways to properly use ID3 tags and the truth about RSS feeds. Listen to the end of the episode for Rob’s biggest SEO ninja trick. Read more

PN1: Johnny FD – Build a Successful Travel Podcast and Monetize Your Show

Johnny FD is the host of Travel Like a Boss and Invest Like A Boss Podcasts. He is an entrepreneur and travel blogger who is currently traveling the world looking for ways to invest his passive income. During the show, you’ll learn how to build a successful travel podcast and ways you can monetize your show. Find out how Johnny chooses and interview guests including why most travel bloggers and podcasters fail. Listen to the end for his Ninja tricks for those looking to start a podcast. Read more